How can you take your interiors from boring to beautiful— without the expense of a full-time professional designer?

If you are a fan of DIY (do-it-yourself)  then this service could be the one for you. 

Sometimes it’s not that you can’t afford the services of an interior designer but that you just want to experiment for yourself with maybe your kitchen or bathroom. In other words, you’d like to be able to make your own design decisions and use your own style, however, if you encountered a problem, or needed design advice or reassurance on buying something wouldn’t it be nice to know that you had the help of an expert at the end of the line ? after all  “two heads can sometimes be better than one” and in no time, your design would be back on track. 

This smart solution will help you create your “dream space” for you by you.

How it works.

After an initial telephone conversation to ascertain what your needs and wants are, the rest of this service is delivered completely online, with video calls and online tools. 

The main objective of this DIY service is that you can bounce design and layout ideas with me, discuss problems you have encountered, and then work solutions out together.

This is not a full interiors service.