Don’t worry you’re not alone, you can probably help your friends style their homes or place of work  but when it comes to making your own decisions I bet you find it hard to say that final yes..  or maybe you’re afraid you’ll miss the opportunity to create a lasting design feature


Don’t be put off by that perception that interior designers are only for the rich and famous.

Engaging the services of an Interior Designer IS not what you’d be led to believe, you need the professional services of many building trades and a style expert is just one more to consider if you want to be sure of getting your interiors right first time round

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What to look for when selecting an interior stylist 

Styling your space should be more about you and less about your stylist.

Styling your home or corporate space should be an enjoyable journey for everyone, a time to explore all possible layouts and colour options, it should not be cost-focused but more about being cost-effective. Your stylist should be responsible, dedicated, honest, creative and easy to communicate with as well as understanding that interior designing isn’t just a one-way street, that everyone involved must be heard.

Spend time researching your stylist/ designer as they should be a good fit for you, try to have a conversation with them first as you don’t want to end up with a personality clash and spoil the whole creative journey. Read reviews and then decide, because what’s a good fit for Mr Jones won’t be a good fit for Ms Smith. Do your homework and go with your gut.

DIY Interior Design

On the other hand, should you decide to do this process yourself without the help of an expert, this hack will help you avoid the chances of making any costly mistakes.
Interior Hack No 1: “Measure Twice, Cut Once”
In other words, measure all aspects of the room traffic flow before you buy.

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My Mistake that haunts me still

I  have made that costly mistake,  years and years ago, when I was fitting out my first home. I fell in love with a bedroom set …you know how it is, you see it in laid out in the showroom, the sales assistant is so helpful and you just want it. 

10 week lead time. I literally had a calendar and ticked off the days. It was like Christmas Day when it arrived. 

But just like that, my excitement turned to a cold sweat, sure It was far too big for the room. Now don’t get me wrong, it did eventually fit – after we removed doors and door frames,  but then there wasn’t enough space to move, it was the main bedroom, and  I had all kinds of plans for it, you might say why not return it but because I removed all the packaging to make it fit I could not return it …  Bedroom furniture sets are a big investment so for me it was a very expensive mistake and one I had to live with for a long time, so now my Motto is, “Measure Twice, Cut Once”. In other words, be sure you measure all aspects of the room. 

Karen H cares about you . 

I take a vested interest in all spaces that she works with. I’m looking to build a relationship with homeowners understand their wants and their needs love delivering   interior spaces far beyond their expectations and most importantly within their budget