Karen H Cares About You. 

She has an eye for design and functionality along with  the unique skill of being able to see a space finished long before a stick of furniture is ever fitted. This type of skill is invaluable to you as she can uncover problems that might arise from your initial ideas before they become costly ones. These are the 5 things you will experience when working with Karen: Creativity, lots of Courage, up for a Challenge, Curiosity and a whole lot of Fun.

The design style that I like to use in my projects is traditional with a modern twist. 

I take a vested interest in all spaces that I work with. I am looking to build a relationship with you the homeowner, designing and fitting out your home is an expensive thing to do, I would see myself as a highly visual and creative individual, energetic, dynamic, resourceful and solutions focused. 

I work well under pressure and thrive on managing either single rooms or complex projects to deliver successful outcomes. I also love delivering interior spaces far beyond your expectations and most importantly to your budget.