DIY Package

The  DIY  Package 


The  DIY  Package 

From €300 


This service is designed to help give you the confidence to create the house of your dreams, room by room by yourself. 


The Package will include meeting you “virtually” in your existing home or your new home where we will discuss the vision you have for your home. YOUR vision for YOUR home. 


So for the DIY client, I look to simplify things – get a sense of what your planning and suggest ways to make it all achievable. 


Among other things, this is what we do:


  1. We look at your Instagram, Pinterest, Houzz or personal photos to discuss how well these ideas will work in your space. 


Cost  From €300.  Includes backup help as you require it a total, you have 2.5 hours and can use your minutes as you feel best. We can add to this service if required on a half-hourly basics 


Here’s how all our processes work –  


  1. Fill in the questionnaire

You will need to fill out a questionnaire – this will cover what your dream home means to you, your current lifestyle suggested budgets per room and any special requirements you need to live a beautiful life in your new home. 


Tell me where you need the most help – is it with colours, finishing touches, making the best use of what you already own, a complete fit-out or just getting your personality stamp on your home? 

The more you share, the more I can help. 

Fill out the Questionnaire here


  1. Lets chat

We will select a time that best suits you to have a virtual conversation, and we take it from there. During virtual consultations, we will talk about the questionnaire, I’ll get a bit more information from you and what you really want. 


  1. Your plan 

You’ll get a plan on how to style your house with confidence and excitement, depending on which package you choose.  


Please note, this is not a full interior design service. 


We also have a number of Add-ons to this Package which are worth considering…


Styling a Home for Sale

Still have to sell your existing house? Let’s discuss ways to beautifully stage your house for selling using your own furniture and accessories. Clever styling can add extra to the purchase price. 


Personal Shopping trips 

With so much choice, it’s hard to know where to go and what to buy. I can source furniture and accessories that will mix best with your chosen items that are going to travel with you to the Willows.


Unpacking and styling

Unpacking has to be one of the worst things about moving houses. Let me help you unpack your furniture and accessories and positioning them, making your home a home immediately. 


3D Artistic images of your dream home 

Using a mix of your own furniture and your wish list of items to purchase, let me create a 3D image of what your room will look like. This will give you an actual real-life impression of your choices in your new home. You’ll get to see everything in place BEFORE you move in. In my experience, this is the most cost-effective way to do up your house because you get to see possible mistakes before they become costly mistakes. 


Also, it makes the excitement of moving so much more real, even when you are up late packing boxes and bags. You have an image of your head that you can focus on. It makes the stress of moving so much more worthwhile. 


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