finishing touches

The Virtual Finishing Touches Package


Is priced room by room  and starts From €150


Colour palettes, fabric types, lighting, flooring, furniture all work in harmony to create an ideal home. What makes the pièce de résistance are the final finishing touches. 


These are the final pieces where you put your story, your life on your well-styled home. 


Whatever you want to do with your rooms – whether you want to simply refurbish them, refresh them, rejuvenate them or renew them, then the final finishing touches is the ideal solution. 


If you feel that some rooms are too cluttered while others are really bare – yet none scream out your personality – then let me guide you to creating the space you’ve dreamed of. 


And best of all, it can be done within the comfort of your home. 

finishing touches


My Final Finishing Touches is ideal for you if;

  • you’ve been staring at the same space for ages and say ‘something’s missing’.
  • you’ve spent time, love and money investing in investment pieces but want to make them pop and stand out
  • you’re happy with the colour palette, the fabric of the curtains, the flooring but just want to add extra personality to your rooms. 


This package is simple, easy and yet incredibly beneficial to you enjoying your home…that bit more. If you want to:

  • Add more warmth to your rooms 
  • Create additional personality with items that you love to show off
  • Match new accessories and artwork with existing ones 
  • Get a full detailed list of the current showhouse furnishings. 


then book a Final Finishing Touches Package today. 


Here’s how it works:


  1. Fill in the questionnaire

Firstly you will need to fill out a questionnaire, this will cover where you would like help with, your current lifestyle suggested budgets per room and any special requirements you have. I’ll also ask that you send photos of what you currently have, what you really love so the new items can fit so seamlessly, you’ll think they were always there. 

Fill out the Questionnaire here


  1. Lets chat

Then we can select a time that best suits you to have a virtual conversation. You know what, sometimes email, questionnaires and photos just need that extra layer of conversation. I have often ways of reducing your budget by suggesting up-styling your existing items. My goal for you is to source items that reflect your personality and that the new items will fit so seamlessly, you’ll think they were always there. 


  1. The Shopping List

Here is where you’ll get a shopping list which will fill you with excitement because you know it will all work in your home. Shopping need never be a pain again! 

I’ll include online and offline retailers to offer you the most extensive choice. Choosing one over the other lends itself to restriction and I like knowing you are getting the best item for your home, to suit your budget. 


Whether you buy it all in one go or space it out over time, that’s entirely up to you. What you get is a plan for you and your home that is perfect for you, without hassle or stress. 


Choose a package that suits you. 


Living Room



Kitchen or Dining Room






Bathroom or Hallway



Open Plan Areas

2 Spaces €300

3 Spaces €350


Please note this is not a full interior design service. This is a styling-only service to help you finish off your existing rooms. If we are doing the actual shopping for you there is a  minimum styling budget spend of €500 per room required (€300 for bathrooms or hallways).


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